Role in the organization / project

Planners and strategists have a responsible role to predict the future and mark direction with optimal ratio of expected profit and potential risk.

If you are planning a business organization, information technology can be useful in different ways:

  1. collecting and processing large amounts of a variety of information,
  2. displaying of complex information and their correlation on expand way
  3. current communication and establishing contacts with, until then, unknown interlocutors,
  4. currently informing a large part of the global public
  5. ...

However, if you are planning information system, the decisions to be adopted at the strategic level are:

  1. meet current needs or to build a system for multi-year needs
  2. give priority to efficiency and bandwidth usage or security of information and systems,
  3. apply specific solutions of manufacturer (prorpietary) or open source solutions
  4. ...


To done their tasks, planners and strategists require high quality and timely information: future technologies, explanations of the properties of individual technological solutions, comparisons of different technologies and solutions, examples of successful and unsuccessful projects, review of products and services suppliers.

For the decision to launch the project, they need snapshot of the current state and feasibility studies.

Also, they must ensure that the project is moving with a very clear project requirements and methods of measuring the success of the project.


Nobium's services

Nobium helps its clients to gain insight into the state of technology by preparation of specific short reports (white paper) on the user’s request, comparison the decision, and finding the "benchmark" installation.
Also, it brings world's leading experts to discuss about specific opportunities and projects. It arranges presentation of equipment and solutions with representatives of producers.
Nobium create record of the current situation and the feasibility study.
After all this, it will help their clients to prepare a project task and prepare the technical part of tender documentation, either for preliminary design or either for performance. It will evaluate and compare received bids as preparation for client's decision. And in preparation of contract, Nobium helps its clients by preparing the technical part of the contract with special emphasis on shaping and defining process of handover.



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