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Researchers say a nap prepares the brain to learn

Group of scientists from University of California conducted research about the impacts of siesta to human memory. The project leader, Dr Matthew Walker, wanted to test the theory that short sleeping restores the brain's capacity for efficient learning. Although the role of sleep in consolidating memories has been understood for some time, Dr Walker has been trying to extend this understanding. The main goal was to prove that sleeping has important role in preparing the brain for the formation of memories in the first place.


Internet could be 10 times faster

With the number of users, time spent online and need for faster data transfer, telecommunication service providers are having hard time meeting the demands of their users. To prevent the Internet from just “falling”, a few renowned companies from the field have associated on a EUREKA project.

Google-led network solution

Google-led network solution, developed under the Android@Home initiative, was presented at the international LIGHTFAIR. Members of the Lighting Science Group have demonstrated a system for managing individual light bulbs in the household using a tablet with Android operating system.

The use of high performance computers has increased. Complex computer systems play an important role in all types of tasks. For example, stock trading, weather forecasting, and code-breaking. However, high-performance computers are faced with obstacles.



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