Ekspertise Education


IT users often don’t know what they can get so they don’t know how to ask it from suppliers.

Suppliers, however, don’t know what users really need and they often offer products that do not have the optimal ratio of investment and benefits.

Nobium wants to be a bridge between users and suppliers that always defends the interests of users.

Nobium task is to meet user’s needs, to discover possible direction of users development and development of their needs, and help them to select optimal technologies and solution for their business.

As connection between users and supplier, Nobium is guarantor of quality of the final solution.


In this effort, and these processes, Nobium offers its customers the following services:

  • consulting,
  • design,
  • expert opinion (expertise) and evaluation,
  • education,
  • support in the use and management of IT systems.

The importance of good project preparation, management, control and supervision for the success of the project is showed trough number of authoritative global study, whose final reports present:

IBM Research (1994):

  • 55% of system costs more than expected,
  • 68% exceed the terms of delivery,
  • 88% had to be redesigned.


Bureau of Labor Statistics (1997.)

  • 2 of 6 new released systems are suspended,
  • probability of cancellation is 50% for the biggest systems,
  • average project exceeds 50% of deadlines,
  • 3/4 of systems are considered to be 'operating failures'.


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