Protect data on your USB memory

Few days ago, a passer has found a discarded USB storage memory that contained many secret documents. USB memory belongs to a British secret agent who works in the antiterrorist agency. Businessman who has found the memory in front of police station was surprised when he reviewed its contents. About 2,000 classified documents related to the anti-terrorist operation by British secret services were stored on memory. One of the confidential documents is the “Manual Of Guidance On Keeping The Peace” that covers many aspects of anti-terrorism operations and other tactical moves. USB memory has been developed by the “National Police Improvement Agency”, but the question of why the data were not encrypted remains unknown. Original news was published at infosecurity web site.

Loss of USB memory can easily lead to unwanted disclosure of sensitive information. Aware of the consequences of such situations, LSS’s professional team has developed a special, secure USB memory called Krypton. The device has the ability to store sensitive data in encrypted (protected) form, but retains the traditional data storage options. Data stored in an encrypted form are accessible only to people who know the correct password. Krypton comes fully configured and ready to use which means it does not need any installation on the computers where you want to use. This makes it simple and convenient solution for data protection used on multiple computers. If you want to protect data stored on USB memory , please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ask to present our solution.

More information about described product could be found at Kripton web site.



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