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Protect data on your USB memory

Few days ago, a passer has found a discarded USB storage memory that contained many secret documents. USB memory belongs to a British secret agent who works in the antiterrorist agency. Businessman who has found the memory in front of police station was surprised when he reviewed its contents. About 2,000 classified documents related to the anti-terrorist operation by British secret services were stored on memory. One of the confidential documents is the “Manual Of Guidance On Keeping The Peace” that covers many aspects of anti-terrorism operations and other tactical moves. USB memory has been developed by the “National Police Improvement Agency”, but the question of why the data were not encrypted remains unknown. Original news was published at infosecurity web site.

Renowned researcher and founder of the Metasploit Project, HD Moore, has launched a new network scanning project called Sonar. The aim of the project is to make manufacturers aware of vulnerabilities in their solutions and encourage them to facilitate defense against these vulnerabilities. Also, the project aims to raise security awareness amongst device users. The project hopes to encourage researchers around the world to collaborate and share information about vulnerabilities they found.

Rootkit causes Windows XP systems to crash

LSS-NEWS-2010-003After installing Microsoft's February security updates, Windows XP operation system users discovered BSOD (eng. blue-screen-of-death) error which made their computers unusable.

Microsoft stopped shipping MS10-015 update (linked to the issue) and their spokesman claims that malicious software can cause the behavior of computers. Patrick Barnes, Windows XP system user, said that he’d traced the issue to a nonworking file “atapi.sys” that turned out to be malicious rootkit program  TDSS. A rootkit is a software system that consists of one or more programs designed to obscure the fact that a system has been compromised. Microsoft posted standalone utility that removes the TDSS infection. However, it is not the only problem because any driver that references the updated kernel bits incorrectly can also cause this blue screen. Detailed information users could find on Yahoo!.News web site.

Software for advanced cloud-computing system scanning

Researchers from North Carolina State University have developed software, called HyperSentry,that offers new and enhanced security for cloud computing. It is the activity of using computer technology, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand.



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