Nobium’s experts base its expertise on about 300 designed and performed computer networks over the past fifteen years, about 40 (mostly in Croatia) teleconferencing hall, and the decade of systematic work in the field of computer security and the tradition of education of practitioners, those whose business operations depends on their knowledge and work.

Nobium do not invent hot water and do not experiment on the back of its users. Its strength is built on a strategic partnership with the Croatian science, the agreement on scientific and technological cooperation with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Laboratory of Systems and Signals Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing, the people who brought Internet to Croatia.

Nobium is not advocating any equipment manufacturer: on the basis of its projects each supplier can get a job if offered equipment meets the needs of users, and other conditions are favorable for user.

The names of Nobium users show his reliability and number of users show benefits of Nobium’s services. Nobium controls construction and renovation of all branches of Privredna Banka Zagreb. It is hard to find a government body or institution of science or higher education whose network Nobium’s professionals do not know almost by heart. Croatian company: Podravka, Croatia AirlinesCroatia osiguranje, INA, Agrokor, Hrvatska elektroprivreda, Hrvatske telekomunikacije, Hrvatske željeznice, Zagrebački velesajam; know why they resort to Nobium’s services.



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