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Data centers, location for quick recovery of business (Disaster Recovery), Networks Operation Center, a variety of telecommunication facilities (Telecommunication Rooms) and Equipment Rooms as well as other key parts of business require building a well-planned and integrated infrastructure that provides high availability, scalability, redundancy, fault resistance and easy maintenance, all in accordance with current trends to reduce energy consumption and environmental protection.

We offer a wide range of services based on our and our partner’s expertise and experience. We are specialized in project management, planning, cost performance estimates, design and monitoring of all systems in data centers.

In addition, we offer various consulting services such as recording and documenting the current situation, checking the degree of risk of individual systems with respect to the possibility of failures or system maintenance without interruption, recommendations for improvement, planning, data center relocation, planning locations for quick recovery of business etc.

Carefully planning is a crucial for a successful data center project. Planning always starts by conversation with the staff in order to determine the basic objectives and the required availability. It is necessary to review existing systems and facilities and then plan the system upgrade dynamics. Monitoring of trends and latest technologies is necessary to protect the investment and the necessary adjustments of infrastructure to clients needs. Based on the input data the preliminary design is made, and it can determine the approximate cost of building a data center. Upon approval of the preliminary design by our client, we approach the main development and construction projects.

The most important factors in well-designed data center are required availability, flexibility, scalability and simplicity.



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