Vulnerability scanning Vulnerability scanning is the primary service of security testing based on the implementation of a number of proven and controlled studies aimed to identify potential vulnerabilities and weaknesses in the information systems of the client. The results of various specialized tools have to be accurately interpreted and processed. We believe the vast experience of Nobium’s security team is key for achieving this goal. Our clients get a view of perceived failures, together with measures for their removal.

This service is intended primarily to customers who want to quickly and roughly assess the safety of their public or internal networks but they are limited by financial resources. Vulnerability scanning is a quick and easy way to get a good first impression of the client’s information system. Many cyber criminals do the same thing without you even knowing it. However, for larger organizations Nobium strongly suggests conducting a thorough penetration test of the entire information system.

Vulnerability scanning is usually done with the help of various tools. Unfortunately, each tool is different and each tool gives different kinds of results. Furthermore, not all results are correct. This is why it is important to manually check each result and combine them together in a report which is understandable to the client. While conducting a vulnerability scan, our expert team of security consultants uses a number of different tools and techniques. Nessus is one of the most widely used vulnerability assessment tools. It provides many different features and functionalities that, when used correctly, provide a great deal of information about potential vulnerabilities of an information system. Another distinguished tool for vulnerability scanning is OpenVAS (Open Vulnerability Assessment System). Like Nessus, OpenVAS provides a variety of different features that can aid in discovering vulnerabilities. However, OpenVAS is an open source project with many contributors world wide. Nobium’ experts work closely with the OpenVAS team to improve it. nessus

After a vulnerability scan is complete, the client receives a detailed vulnerability report. Nobium prides itself with high quality reports, tailored for each client. Our goal is to point out and explain each vulnerability as clearly as possible so that the client can fix the system as soon as possible. In most cases this involves patching and updating the client system. However, sometimes there may be operational or business reasons why a client can’t apply the patch or update the system. In those cases Nobium can implement alternative means to mitigate the threat.



NEW: for price of two penetration tests we offer:

  • One full penetration test plus
  • Daily vulnerability scans in one year period
    • We produce report if we found any additional vulnerability
    • For each new vulnerability we perform penetration test


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