How many times a user has realized too late that has not received what he thought to write in the contract? How many times he couldn’t select offer because all of them were so different that he doesn’t know how to compare them, or so similar that he can’t differentiate them? How many times he has got perfect software and best hardware, but his system still doesn’t work? How many times a small change in, until then perfect, network caused the collapse? How many times he found himself disgraced by a group of kids who broke into the heart of his information? How many times a vendor has given all to realize that the customer actually wants something completely different?

Nobium experts were in similar situations in earlier stages of professional life while they were planning and financing the national information systems, delivering equipment, integrating systems or educating users. They wished to have the professionals to put their plans, needs and desires in precise specifications, tender documentation, and clear, unmistakable contracts. Someone who will evaluate the offer, check out the equipment, configuration and systems, oversee the construction. Someone who will eventually write documentation.



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