Nobium helps you to imagine and build an information system that you need. Our vision is the day when every information system will be professionally designed, the project will be optimal for users needs, and users will actually get product which they contracted. Information systems will be fully used and will be a great help to employees.


Nobium mission is to be a bridge between users of ICT equipment with one hand and sellers and suppliers of ICT products and services on the other hand, always representing and defending the interests of its users.


Mission is accomplished trough users consulting, common reflection and shaping of the future information system, creating a project task, preparation of tender documents, offer evaluation, design system architecture, checking equipment in the lab and at customers, supervision of building systems and equipment suppliers and enforcement procedures.


In everyday use the system, we will help with professional advice or intervention, and trough choice and continuing education and support from professional staff.


Our power is based on the strategic partnership with the Croatian science, the agreement on scientific and technological cooperation with the Laboratory of Systems and Signals, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Zagreb: those same people who built a major national Internet infrastructure, and one of the first national broadband infrastructure in the world ( 1995.).


Nobium is independent: no selling, no representation, gives no advantage to any manufacturer or supplier of the equipment. Each supplier can get a job with the Nobium client, if the offered equipment and services are appropriate and optimal for our clients.



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