Even in the best Croatian schools (universities), students do not get enough practical experience. It is very important for the understanding and adopting of new knowledge and its practical application later, after training.

Nobium offers the possibility of free learning from the best practitioners volunteering at one of many projects.

In Nobium, you can do a mandatory practice that you will not spend doing irrelevant work or buying a snack for your “master”, but by helping engineers, designers, system managers and other professionals in real projects.

Nobium has handful of good ideas for seminar papers, projects, graduation and graduate student works and other commitments. You will have leadership of experienced and interested mentors and will not be left alone to work.

Nobium work closely with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, so there is the possibility to participate in research projects.

When the workload increases, Nobium need occasional help on commercial projects and then you can make some money.

If you have ideas for own projects and need assistance in knowledge or other resources, please contact us. Maybe we can help you.



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