In cooperation with Laboratory for System and Signals at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (University of Zagreb), based on years of experience in development of digital measurement equipment and advanced user interfaces, Nobiums experts developed system for management of laboratory information and instruments – Nobium LIMS.

Nobium LIMSis based on newest web technologies and built according to best programming practices which guarantee its quality, possibility of simple and cheap development of new features and low cost maintenance.


Nobium LIMS features are:

·         sample data entry and management,

·         sample lifecycle monitoring and tracking,

·         measurement data entry (manually or automatically from instruments),

·         quality controlof measurement data,

·         statistical analysis with graphical representation,

·         advanced searchand filtering engine,

·         reporting and data exporting functions,

·         user access management,

·         data backup and

·         many other features.


Characteristicsof Nobium LIMS are:

·         web access (from protected intranet, or over the Internet)

·         unlimited numberof users,

·         flexible and easily expandable architecture,

·         simple system parameters configuration,

·         customized user interface for different user roles in laboratory,

·         laboratory workflow control,

·         tracking data history.


Nobium LIMS is completely customizable to the needs of your laboratory and can be used by unlimited number of users. Since it is built using free and open-source technologies, it doesn't require any additional licenses. Free and recognized technologies it is based on, guarantee reliability, quality, stability and security of Nobium LIMS and your data.


Nobiums experts will customize and upgrade Nobium LIMS according to your needs and requirements, deploy it in your working environment, educate your staff, provide support and regular maintenance.




For more information about Nobium LIMS, feel free to contact us!




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